Professional milling machines for paving easy to handle.


  • Professional, easy to handle, robust, powerful and light-weight machine
  • Ideal to transport, compact and folding
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable milling depth
  • Designed to carry out milling, chipping, scaling, grooving, scarifying, exfoliating, etc of concrete, asphalt or any other very hard surface
  • Hexagonal axis drum comprised of 4 treated axes with variable configuration, each one supplied with 19 milling bits, to carry out a medium texture
  • Prepared to couple a dust exhaust



Prepared to fit two types of milling bits in the same drum:

  • Tungsten carbide 5-tip bit (standard equipment). This is used to roughen concrete, groove concrete and asphalt, de-scale and gring flat surfaces, scarify pedestrian crossings
  • Castelladed grinding stones. Used to de-scale dirt, eliminate marks from ground, carry out surface cleaning of concrete, de-scale elastic coatings, eliminate fine paint and remove remains of glues from panelling and carpeting.


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Model Javalón H
Javalón T
Javalón M
Engine HONDA Three phases Single phase
Tipo Petrol Electric Electric
Start up Manual Electric Electric
Engine power (CV/HP) 5,5/4 3/2,2 3/2,2
Working width (mm) 200 200 200
Machine size L x H x A (mm) 900 x 1160 x 380 900 x 1160 x 380 900 x 1160 x 380
Net weight (Kg) 62 55 55
DPackaging size L x H x A (mm) 820 x 1200 x 380 820 x 1200 x 380 820 x 1200 x 380
Packaging weight (Kg) 76 70 70
Packaging volume (m3) 0,38 0,38 0,38



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